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Del Dotto Winery Barrel Tasting

“Welcome to Del Dotto Vineyards, where Wine is Liquid Art and Our Cave is the Art Gallery.
When we drink from a new barrel, it is like looking at a painting, cutting it up, and eating it! We experience the art; it becomes part of our life experience. The value of the remaining pieces goes up because there is less for the world to enjoy.
The Wine is the Reduction Sauce, and the Barrel is the Spice...
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St. Francis Winery Small Plates Pairing

September is IMG_2841the perfect time of year to visit wine country. It is still warm, but not horribly hot, and the crush is just starting so the winery staff is happy to be there. The tourist season is mostly over which means you get a combination of small crowds, happy winemakers, and plenty of interesting things to see.

We had the opportunity to do the St...

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The ZAP Iron Chef Event

This is the first of our periodic postings to “The Evolving Palate”. This particular event seem fitting for the inaugural post in that it includes many of the themes we hope to cover- cooking, eating, and fine wines. Even if these articles are never read, it gives us an excuse to indulge in these pastimes.


20130202_135954_resizedThe story of the ZAP Iron Chef event starts, for us, nine months previous at th...

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