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Vegetarian Menu- February 2017

To both push ourselves and accommodate a vegetarian friend, we elected to attempt an all vegie menu with only some success. The menu was:

Vegetarian Wine Menu

Kanda Bhaji (Vegetable Pakora) with Tamarind Sauce

Vegetarian French Onion Soup

Creamed Mushrooms in Puff Pastry Cups

Cauliflower- Goat Cheese Soufflé

Parsnip Nut Loaf with Red Wine Gravy

Paneer Tikka Masala

Endive Boats with Cherry-Walnut...

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Return of the scribbles!

Although we have continued to cook our (vaguely) monthly wine dinners, the time constraints of parenting, work, and general life have kept us from updating this for a long time. Given the non-existence of a following, we are changing the format to be  “us friendly” rather than an attempt to be for public consumption. As such, we are re-arranging the design to be more recipe and topic focused...

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February Dinner

February Italian Wine 2014

One of the problems with planning a tasting dinner with a “go-to” cuisine, such as Italian, is to balance the comfort of familiar dishes with the challenge of unfamiliar and untried recipes. We were also faced with need to create parallel courses for a vegetarian and dietary needs that excluded dairy and onions...

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November Dinner

So much Deliciousness, So little time.

So much Deliciousness, So little time.

This weekend, Mr. Dr. and I decided to get together again for another dinner. We have both been experiencing turmoil at work and declared ourselves deserving of good food and wine.

We discussed the menu over the phone prior to Cathy and I driving up and decided to go with small plates. The menu was as follows:

Salt and Pepper salad (yes, the same one from l...

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October Dinner

Re-hydrating the Morels

Re-hydrating the Morels

Cathy and I went up to visit Mr.Dr. and Mom for the weekend. It was the perfect excuse for Mr. Dr. and I to make another dinner with wine.

After some discussion, we decided that we would make something that has been on our “to do” list for several years; Salt Baked Fish. This is something that Mr.Dr. and I have talked about since before I married his daughter (7 years ago)...

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The ZAP Iron Chef Event

This is the first of our periodic postings to “The Evolving Palate”. This particular event seem fitting for the inaugural post in that it includes many of the themes we hope to cover- cooking, eating, and fine wines. Even if these articles are never read, it gives us an excuse to indulge in these pastimes.


20130202_135954_resizedThe story of the ZAP Iron Chef event starts, for us, nine months previous at th...

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