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April Dinner 2015


Often things don’t come together as planned. The April dinner was a semi-last minute affair that was scheduled to feed 8-10 people. Through a series of unanticipated events, it ended up at the last second with just four participates with only 2 wine drinkers. The original menu was:



Fried Mozzarella Balls

Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco Superiore NV


Kirsch Kaltschale (Cold Wine- ...

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Boxing Day Dinner

Like many folks, the Christmas holidays includes several gatherings of the various parts of the clan. Two days after Christmas, my brother, son, daughter, and their nuclear families joined us for dinner...

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January 2015 Dinner

Set Table

January 2015
The January dinner is always a special affair. We tend to go big and a little crazy, especially where the wine is concerned. The past two years we have had wines in the double digits; twenty-one the first year, and fourteen the second. We showed some restraint this year and managed to keep it to a mere nine.The theme for this year was Old World vs. New World...
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Oktoberfest and Fall Harvest Dinner

Table Set

Fall is my favorite time of year. The leave change, the air gets crisp, and I have a good excuse to break out my hoodies again. Most importantly however, the Fall harvest is in.

For the October dinner, we looked to both the Fall harvest, as well as Oktoberfest for inspiration...

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Labor Day Dinner

The Diners.

The Diners.

Some of our dinners are well planned, tested, and carried out in military precision. Others are not. Labor Day’s dinner was one of the latter. The menu was selected by leafing through recent cooking magazines, websites, and rejected previous menu items. Despite the ad hoc nature of the endeavor and the resulting ethnic jumble, the meal came together in a reasonable fashion.


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July 2014 Dinner


June and July have got to be the best time of the year to be a cook. The markets are bursting with fresh, ripe produce and everything looks delicious. Making an amazing meal is a simple matter (or not so simple as the case may be) of not screwing it up between the farm and the table.

We had not done a full multi-course dinner with all the wine and ado in a few months so we decided to go all out f...

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Morels and Carrots and Crab Meat Oh My!


Morel mushrooms are only available for about two weeks in the spring time and are outrageously expensive to get fresh. Mr. Dr. decided to spend the money this year to get them shipped out. While this is a delicious and special treat, there is a bit of a panic factor; what are we going to do with them? We got some ingredient inspiration from the rest of the menu...

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Cedarville Winery Vertical Tasting

IMG_1129The release of the new vintage of the Cedarville Zinfandel is always an event at our house. We were first introduced to this unique vineyard (as is usually the case with all things Zinfandel) at a ZAP Festival in 2005...

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Heritage Wine Vertical Tasting

The Zinfandel Advocates and Producers (ZAP) is a unique organization that combines whimsical interest, awareness, and education about Zinfandel wine. One of their early projects was to collect cuttings from Zinfandel vines from old vineyards across California...

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February Dinner

February Italian Wine 2014

One of the problems with planning a tasting dinner with a “go-to” cuisine, such as Italian, is to balance the comfort of familiar dishes with the challenge of unfamiliar and untried recipes. We were also faced with need to create parallel courses for a vegetarian and dietary needs that excluded dairy and onions...

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